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Homeowners have trusted Exclusive Garage Door Service for all their residential garage door services in Columbus, OH for years. Our friendly, professional staff is highly trained in residential installation and repair. We work diligently to exceed your expectations and be sure your home’s garage door is both beautiful and functional.

Among our exemplary service offerings, we respond to residential garage door emergencies around the clock, and provide comprehensive service for your home, including offering a wide variety of door and security options. After fully understanding your needs, evaluating your premises, and consulting with you on your concerns, we will make qualified recommendations and help you decide how to proceed with your project.

Exclusive Garage Door Service stocks an appealing assortment of garage door models that include typical garage doors and custom designs for all sized homes, from small to large. We can customize any door to meet your tastes and security needs. Also, we provide quality products of popular and trusted brands at a price that no one else in the Columbus, OH community can offer.


Effective weatherstripping is essential to ensure your garage is protected from the elements. Without it, a door provides only minimally protection from rain, wind, drafts, and noise. Small spaces around the garage door can allow water, heat, or cold into the garage, which can damage your precious belongings and make it harder to heat or cool your home. The best protection is effective weatherstripping, and Exclusive Garage Door Service is an expert in installation.

Our weatherstripping service will protect the interior of your garage, keeping the contents safe and dry. Once weatherstripping is complete, you will notice your garage is much more comfortable and can be used more easily for a variety of purposes.